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Protected: Science? Oh, get married!

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Astrology?? It’s just a hobby. Watching stars!

Every night, on my way back home after getting off the bus, I watch stars. Winter sky often provides obvious Orion’s horoscope, which I can always easily catch. Tonight I am gonna recognize another two important and shinning constellations: Sirius with Canis Major, Taurus. P.S. I really like the software named CyberSky. What a pity … Continue reading

Just Wrote a Complain letter to CATA.

Crazy and disgusting CATA. i LOOK forward to your reply. Hi I am writing to complain. Here is the thing. On 2/20/2011, the Route 35 bus came in advance too much. The time should be 10:17am at spartan village, however, my friend saw it passing by his apartment at 10:13 and it’s obvious that that … Continue reading

初入Research Group感想

Though I was discouraged by my advisor during yesterday’s group meeting, I was still good at lying to myself. Well, Ok. You have done very well so far. You are new, totally green hand. Right. Don’t care much about whoever judges you. Draw the useful part and forget about the unhappiness! Some stories about recent … Continue reading

The sad Valentine’s Day

The first Valentine’s Day in U.S is also the first Valentine’s Day with a special one in my whole life. However, the one is far far away from me. He is in Colorado while I am in Michigan. The freakin Michigan!!! I feel so upset that I have to stay in the office and study. … Continue reading

A decision that makes life better

Feel bad recently. Well, I guess it’s just like dead water. I don’t know how to disturb it with an appropriate force. I don’t want to talk, don’t want to ask even don’t bother myself with the new lab life. What if I was still in China and hanging out with the old freinds and to … Continue reading


过年不能回家,伤感。 50年一遇暴风雪,停课,开心! 想起爸妈姐姐在家过年,只少我一个,他们会为我也摆上碗筷么,然后提起我,在遥远的这里,姐姐一直挺坚强的,应该不会哭,爸爸会说笑话,妈妈最不争气了,跟我一样,肯定会哭吧。然后他们吃完年夜饭,就会去准备水饺,看春晚。其实我除了爱吃,对过年没太大兴趣,那是因为曾经的曾经,我在北京经常去姐姐家,与爸妈不用视频也觉得温暖。现在的现在,即使每周视频,还是如此思念。如果说仔细看和听春晚的每一个表情每一句话是对我的惩罚,神啊,让我回家吧!   看到一个视频,虽然是广告,却感动了万千留学生。 http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQxMjcyNzgw.html 为了让爸妈见识一下大雪灾,并且知道我过得也很好,我特地找了个朋友拍了几张照片。

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