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Daily Life Makes Me Laugh

A decision that makes life better

Feel bad recently. Well, I guess it’s just like dead water. I don’t know how to disturb it with an appropriate force. I don’t want to talk, don’t want to ask even don’t bother myself with the new lab life. What if I was still in China and hanging out with the old freinds and to get a master degree as expected when I was a freshman in 2006. Well,,, Well,,, I don’t know.

———————————-AND I DECIDE TO CHANGE———————————————————————————-

I will start talking with colleagues in the office.

I will tell myself every morning that it’s gonna be fine!

I will smile to every one I meet in campus.

I will be passionate and active again!

I will find back my motivation= graduate as soon as possible and get together with him.

I will think of mum, dad and sister, who believe me and encourage me.

I will never be afraid of difficulties, loneliness and the what the hell the relationship goes to.

And as YP said, 你已经在那里了,我这里说“那里”,不只是地理上的美国,更是一个阶段。你做出了选择,你为那个选择付出了你生命中最好的年华。你要坚强,别人的看法、期望神马的都是浮云,重要的是,你要对得起你自己的年华.


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