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初入Research Group感想

Though I was discouraged by my advisor during yesterday’s group meeting, I was still good at lying to myself. Well, Ok. You have done very well so far. You are new, totally green hand. Right. Don’t care much about whoever judges you. Draw the useful part and forget about the unhappiness!

Some stories about recent days.

No.1:  Sometimes it’s just the language that plays you…I put the empty bottle of valeric acid in the mailbox of our lab technician….Yes, I know, this is so ridiculous. But I didn’t get the idea of the technician. He sent me an email stating what I should do. God, 3 steps. But I am pretty sure he didn’t make it clear yesterday.

No.2:  Got up at 5AM to fix my presentation for the group meeting in the afternoon. Yeah, it is true.

No.3: Had a brainstorming about how to make my phd life happier. As follows.

It is always hard to get a Ph.D degree, or every one walking on the street will say” Hi, I am Dr. XXX. How are you?”

So ridiculous, right?

We need to set a time line and tell which part of your life and study is most important.

1 Qualifying exam. Without a good result, you have to suffer a lot.

2 Research progress. Without a smart arrangement, you have to face the pressure before group meeting. You can’t even live up to the advisor’s expectation.

3 Courses’ grades. Without a good grade, you feel awful.

However, let’s see in details. What should I do to fulfill the three goals listed above?

1 Reading papers is the first and most hurry thing to do. At least 1 paper in detail and 3 papers for general scanning. In this way you can keep yourself knowing the details other people are/were working on, and also not fall behind the exam.

2 Experiment, training and learning first. Without a good plan, we can quit it. We don’t have to do something every week.

3 Class….yeah, this is a hard topic. I hate to say this, but my dear Yanzi, you have to you need to leave class homework the last thing to do. Understand? Especially transport phenonmena, this class does no good to you actually.

At last, Yanzi, Remember this: Jordan spent 10 years to reach the year 1998.


One thought on “初入Research Group感想

  1. I have to leave my first msg here, since this man is the first idol in my life.

    Posted by Nick | 02/21/2011, 11:23

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