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Just Wrote a Complain letter to CATA.

Crazy and disgusting CATA. i LOOK forward to your reply.

Hi I am writing to complain.

Here is the thing. On 2/20/2011, the Route 35 bus came in advance too much. The time should be 10:17am at spartan village, however, my friend saw it passing by his apartment at 10:13 and it’s obvious that that is the second or third stop already. I arrived at the second stop at 10:15am, which is 3minutes earlier already than the time should be!!!Then I waited for another 25 minutes. And again, it came 3 minutes earlier.  Isn’t it ridiculous? Why do we need to take the schedule from you if you just come in advance or don’t come on time? What we need is on time. Whatever the weather is, what we need is ON TIME!!!!! It’s understandable if the bus comes 1 or 2 minutes earlier, since we will try to get their a little bit earlier. But what is this!!!!

OK. I hate to say this, but I have to go on complaining about what happened to my friend on 2/19/2011. That was 11:25pm. He arrived there at 11:24pm. Yeah, a little bit late compared with the “in advance” custom of Route 35. But he kept running after the bus for 5 minutes and he was sure the bus driver saw him and waved to him. But the driver just sped up and left!! What is this again????

OK. I apologize for my rudeness and madness. But, PLEASE! Do something to change.

It’s a fact that we have no choice but CATA, but we do have choice to hate you.



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