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I love Michigan: One-day trip to the Maker Faire and Ford Museum

Saturday, yesterday, we went to a suburb area near Detroit. It’s a multi-task journey since we were attracted firstly by the maker fair, and secondly, the well-known and interesting Ford Museum, last but not least, to visit Hao’s new apartment after he left MSU and got a job in Ford. (Big congs!)

OK. As a not-very-qualified geek, who doesn’t like the Maker Fair?! Mind-flames, party-bikes and kooky cars! It’s full of innovation, creativity, and surprise, let alone the fun brought to a whole family. I was so happy to see a lot of kids fascinated by science and tech.


I took a lot of pictures, and do like some of them. Here I will share with you 🙂


This over-decorated old-fashioned car is really stunning, especially when you take a close look at it.

_DSC0313 _DSC0310

Lots of people were waiting in lines to try these strange but smart bikes. I like the family-tour one most, which could combine 5-6 people together!


This is like the Chicago’s bean, lol.


Cool as it is, this is a separated Ford.


Do you know what they are? The answer will be released in the following pics.

_DSC0347 _DSC0350 _DSC0354

That old man is the supervisor for kids to work along the assembly line. Each of the kid has to improve their capacity and speed. 🙂 I was in the line at first, but I guess I am old enough to give this chance to younger kids. 🙂


We also watched the mechanics of the stationary engine and the dynamic one. They are pretty huge and I would not expect the way it operated in the old time until I really saw it.


Lego expert!


Artists and crafters brought their DIY babies to the fair and I agree that most of them are very natural and pretty.



It would be the biggest mistake if we ignore tons of cars exhibited, I love most of them and really want to have a try ride, but unfortunately, I am just too heavy for these old car I guess!





I took this picture from a board, it was taken in 1950s. Forgetting the name of the car, I just want to say, how adorable these little brothers were. If, one of the kid, oh no, uncle, catches a glimps of the picture, will he call his old friend, saying “Let’s have a ride, wearing nothing”?


Ages have been written on the face of this locomotive.


After several hours’ walk inside the musem building, we came outside to appreciate the fashion of the museum, with the apreciation for Mr. Ford, for the people who built this historical place, and all the makers in the fair.


To our surprise, we were just so lucky to catch an amazing show. Probably, you have heard of this, “Coke and Mentos”. It’s great fun and I vediotaped the last big coke fountain moment, when all the kids were dancing and embracing the falling sweetness aound the stage.



This guy was helping launch the rockets made by kids to the sky. We can hear “whoo~” again and again.


We finished the trip to the museum when we just felt starving. Heading back for Hao’s apartment and we had a little celebrating. Here is some sichuan food he made for us. Even just 2 dishes, pretty enough for all of us, and they are really tasty!

A nice day.


Official website of the Maker Fair: http://www.makerfairedetroit.com/


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