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Mango Pancake, feeling like in Hong Kong 芒果班戟

Mango is always one of my favorite fruits. Nothing can be happier than nibbling sweet mangoes in joyful summer time. There are a lot of desserts made from mango in Chinese cuisine such as Mango Pancake, Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo, Mango Pudding, Mango & Tapioca Pearls Dessert and so on. I specially made the picture below to show my favorite mango summer desserts.

(image from internet)

At least, summer’s tail is still in my hand. I must make full use of the mango I got in Horrocks farmers’ market last week. Though really craving all  of those desserts, I chose mango pancake! Most of the mango desserts I posted above are from Hong Kong, China. People who have been there probably try and then fall in love with them. This pancake is different with the traditional American breakfast pancake. The taste of Hong Kong style pancake is thinner, soft and very smooth, but at the same time, elastic. No teeth will reject it.

The whipped cream already melted into my heart


Cake flour 80g
Sugar (A) 25g
Milk 250mL
4 egg yolks (I replaced by 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk)
Butter 15g
Heavy whipping cream 200g
Sugar (B) 30g
Mango 2

1. Sift the cake flour into a medium bowl, add half of the milk, whisk until well blended.

2. Whisk eggs with sugar (A) until dissolved, then add the other half milk and whisk until even.

3. Combine 1 and 2. Add melted butter, whisk and then sift again.

4. Get a 8′ pan heated at medium heat, pour approxiately 3 tsp or more batter into the pan and wait 2min until it is condensed and could be separated from the pan bottom. Do not overcook. Chill pancakes in fridge until cool (0.5 hour will work).

5. Beat cream until stiff peaks form (better to do it in ice water bath).

6. Lay the pancake in a flat dish, add a layer of stiff cream, then mango slices, spread cream on mango again. Then pack it up into a rectangle or square shape.

7. Freeze or serve immediately, depending on your preference on the cream.

At first, I had a hard time to get the pancake out of the pan especially when you like thin pancakes more. But soon I came up an idea. First separate the pancake from the pan with a spatula. Use a round flat dish, fit into the bottom of the pan and cover the pancake. Then just flip over, the pancake will fall into the dish safe and sound!


1. Use a non-stick pan with a size you like. If you prefer larger package, then use a larger one. I only have a large one, so it’s hard to create a round-shaped small pancake as the last but two shows in my mosaic.

2. It’s hard to keep the whipped cream stiff in summer time, I recommend you freeze it for 15 min before you wrap everything together, or you will have to eat them as a “flowing feast” :). The last piece of mosaic was trying to tell a lesson, that if you are very greedy, you have to be quick enough, or the cream just couldn’t wait for you and melted.

3. The color of the pancake could be white or yellowish, depending on whether you use more whole eggs or more yolks. Do as you wish. You can also add sugar since what I am using now is a low-sugar flavor that Asians like more.

All in all, it’s really not an easy work for the first-time maker on the packing steps. Ask you kids to join wrapping, and see who gets the plump one without leakage. That could be fun.

Have a nice weekend.

My New York trip 2.0 is tomorrow!



低筋面粉80克     砂糖A25克

牛奶250克    蛋黄4个(也可以用一个鸡蛋加一个蛋黄代替)

黄油15克    鲜奶油200克

砂糖B 30克     芒果2个

1. 低粉过筛后加入一半牛奶,混合均匀成无颗粒的面糊

2. 鸡蛋加入砂糖A混合至砂糖融化,加入余下的一半牛奶,混合均匀成牛奶鸡蛋液

3. 将面糊和牛奶鸡蛋液混合,加入黄油混合均匀过筛

4. 平底锅烧热后,盛2 tsp 面糊倒入平底锅中铺匀,小火煎约一两分钟至表面凝固,这个量大概可以煎六个煎饼

5. 鲜奶油加砂糖B隔冰打至全发

6. 将煎好的饼皮铺好,放上一层打发的鲜奶油,放上一块芒果,再加一层鲜奶油,包成方型或者矩形


6 thoughts on “Mango Pancake, feeling like in Hong Kong 芒果班戟

  1. 想起我很喜欢的一个网站里的话, “唯有美食和爱不可辜负”。我明天请假去纽约啦哈哈

    Posted by Nick | 08/23/2012, 02:38

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