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Retrospect of New York trip 2.0 第二次纽约之行

Just a brief log about my trip to NYC last week. Totally loved this trip!

Pictures taken during this trip will be updated slowly and in a different way. I totally hated the previous long post about a whole city.

(Image taken in Central Park on 8.24.2012)

8.18 Arrival in late afternoon at JFK, then had dinner @ Hunan House (湘味轩) in New Brunswick.

8.19 Had the best brunch Dim Sum @ Royal Seafood (金凤轩海鲜酒家),then headed to Sandy Hook Island, beautiful beach, nice view. Late evening, had very good noodle @ Shanghai Bun, Inc.(六禾园)in New brunswick.

8.20 Lunch @ Rai Rai Ramen (来来拉面), best Japanese style thick noodles. Dealt with my shopping fever in Premium Outlets. Late night dessert @ Paris Baguette. (巴黎贝甜),I can’t believe this Korean company really opened their branch in U.S.!

8.21 New York, Museum of Modern Art, which I loved a lot. Forgot my lunch just hanging around in this 6-floor building. Grand Central Terminal is nice, and crowded. Stopped by the card shop called Papyrus and bought several pretty ones. Had the best Mapo Tofu and Squirrel fish @ Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐庄). Dessert was Gelato

8.22 Went to B&H and specially took a picture of it. You know, I got all my camera stuff on their website. Surprised 97% of employees are Jewish.  Had a quick sight-seeing in the largest department store- the so called Macy’s. Lunch @ Hunan House Restaurant (湘水山庄)。Afternoon was a great tour in United Nations, making me dreaming of getting a job there after graduation. Dinner was sushi, can’t remember the name!!! 😦

8.23 Couldn’t get up early based on so much torture to my feet. Left at noon for Metropolitan Museum. It is huge and amazing, but still, my feet hated this museum. Had lunch @ Szechuan Gourmet (朵颐食府). This is also a very good one, and I heard there is another branch in Flushing area even more popular. Late dinner in Malaysia restaurant @ Coconut back in New Brunswick.

8.24 Another late getting up day. Enjoyed central park and then left for Flushing, the best Chinese food area in New York. Had a lot @ food court in New World Mall (新世界地下美食广场), then went to different places and tasted a lot. Finally dinner was @BIANG! (西安名吃店BIANG), KTV @ DIY till 9pm. Fun night!

8.25 Brunch @ Hong Fu Chinese Cuisine (鸿福轩). Watched Dark knight Rises finally, and it was good! But I love the second one better. Evening was for the night view in New Port, Jersy City—-the best place to appreciate the beauty of New York at night.

8.26 Brunch @ Grand Shanghai Restaurant(大上海) Amazing food! And before leaving for JFK, I bought some favorites @ Paris Baguette (巴黎贝甜)again!

Orange color stands for restaurants around New Brunswick. I have to admit that this place has so much authentic Chinese food which is much better than East Lansing’s. Blue color represents New York food, which is also amazing, of course. Besides what I had this time, I had a strong recommendation on this one, Lan Sheng Szechuan Restaurant 60W 39th St, b/w 5th and 6th(草堂小馆), which I had in my New York trip 1.0. The fried spicy chicken is tasty and you just couldn’t stop~


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