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Garlic Beer Fish 蒜香啤酒烧鱼块

OK. I just want to say that, this is the best fish cuisine except for my spicy fish I posted before. Well, this one requires fewer efforts and it turned out so good!!!! I love the new dark soy sauce I bought. And I am glad we still have a can of beer left at home!!

500g sliced swai fish fillets
2tsp salt
1tsp pepper powder
1tbsp cooking wine
1 green onion
a pinch of ginger slices
All purpose flour, as you need
Vegetable oil, as you need
8 cloves of garlic
250mL beer
1tsp sugar
1tsp superdark soy sauce

1. Thaw the fish fillets and cut into 2inch square. Marinate by salt, pepper powder, cooking wine, green onion and ginger for 10min.
2. Sprinkle all-purpose flour onto a flat dish. Wrap a layer of all-purpose flour onto the surface of fish fillets on both sides.
3. Fried the fillets at medium heat until both sides turn into golden yellow.
4. Use the oil leftovers in the pan to heat the garlic cloves for 2 min at medium heat.
5. Add fish, beer, superdark soy sauce, sugar and turn the heat to high until boilt. Then switch to medium to low heat to evaporate the broth until it turns thick.


1. The flour layer does not have to be very thick. Make sure you get some on.
2. If you are spicy-food-lover, add some grounded red spicy pepper at the last step.
3. Usually the dark soy sauce is salty enough, so I don’t recommend extral salt at step 5. Notice that dark and light soy sauces are different. The former could help you form a nice dark color on the food, while the second one does not. But both of them are tasty and useful in Chinese cuisine.

This is the photo taken this morning on my balcony. I took it by myself. Ah haha, this was the first time I used my new tripod to photograph myself. It was interesting but clearly I wasn’t doing it seriously. The face is funny and weird so I covered it by the cartoon character I love for many many years.

Anyway, Happy Autumn. Wish you guys a good half weekend.

Reference: http://www.xiachufang.com/recipe/25129/


One thought on “Garlic Beer Fish 蒜香啤酒烧鱼块

  1. You are a very intelligent person!

    Posted by Shawn | 09/24/2012, 00:05

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