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Best Foreign Friends! Birthdays of Atishi & Stephanie

Both my best friends Atishi and Steph’s birthdays are in winter. Atishi’s is Nov.12th, while Steph’s Dec.9th.

Steph is not only a smart and humorous girl, but also a good cook. We are very similar persons, so usually we just share the same feelings and attitudes.

Atishi is a different girl from us, she is open-minded, very outgoing and she is good at knowing people and making friends. She is very sweet to both of us. I just like the non-drunk Atishi more. lol

I always feel this is the destiny for us to be the TAs for a same class and got to know each other. We all care for each other, and we had Friday dinner every week unless someone is out of town. We share what happened in the past week, share the amazing food Steph made, and share alcohol with movies. The best part about movie is whenever we watch the movie again, or even just have a glimpse at the movie’s poster, we know definitely, that we have seen this particular movie with someone. In this case, I am so glad it’s you, both of you.

Happy Birthday, my dear friends.


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