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Food is a Beauty

雪梨银耳羹 Pear and tremella soothing soup—love food therapy!

Recent two weeks, I have been annoyed by the chronic pharyngitis. Every morning waking up, I feel a dry and painful throat. But after some sort of talking, I gradually ignore it as the day goes by. Each morning, I have the same thing repeated again and again, which, has crossed the line. It’s time to do something right now rather than ignore it and suffer.

So… The first thing I choose to do is not medicine. There are a lot of  therapy methods from food, including fruits, special vegetables, some very precious mushrooms, and so on. Basically, food therapy is a practice in the belief of healing through the use of natural foods instead of medications, thus fewer side effects. Pear has the essence that soothes the throat and comforts the lung especially after fully cooked. And rock sugar is important to help pear play its rule. I know there are a lot of arguments on this Chinese medicine and food therapy issue, so no more discussions on this topic. Let’s have a show for the food I made today!


Ingredients: Chinese white pear or Nashi Pear 2, Tremella 50g, dried clean dates 10 pieces, rock sugar 10 pieces.

1. Clean and crumble the tremella into small pieces, immerse in cold water for 0.5 hour.

2. Peel the pears and cut into small chunks or thin slices.

3. Put pears, tremella, and dates into a slow cooker, cook for 2h at high

4. Add rock sugar and cook for 2h at low.

5. Finish when reaching the sticky glue-like soup

Hot soup could be very soothing and nourishing, while if you keep the leftovers in fridge for more than 4 hours and serve it again, it will be a good summer dessert too. Healthy healthy!

Besides, I know another recipe about how to prepare “steamed stuffed pear” and I also made this today. Briefly speaking, you just need a pear, peeled, cut off the top of the pear, and then get the body cored. Fill the center with rock sugar and put the lid top back. Place it in a deep bowl and steam for 1.5 to 2 hours. Then just eat!

This is a great weekend. And I wish this food therapy works!

PMS has been a little bit on recently, so next time, the food therapy will focus on how to relieve the pain and cramps around girls’ special days. It’s about sweet potatos, ginger and brown sugar.

See you next time.


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